The founder Babette is actually a passionate bookseller from Düsseldorf,Germany. She moved to Brussels in 2004. She was going to stay for a year but fell in love with the city.
In 2010 her son Byron was born…In Brussels.
While family and friends in Germany were shocked about the idea to start working again with a 9 month old baby, Belgium friends thought it was about time.

After nights of brainstorming with friends Babette-babycourses was created:

workout classes for pregnant woman, for parents who want to train with their baby and classes for babies and toddlers. No stress. No need to bring anything. No problem when you cannot make it in time. Great music, workout, dance and time to relax. Older siblings, friends and family are always welcome.

Babette went back to Germany for different trainings.

Now she is a qualified trainer for the pre, – and postnatal workout PreKanga and Kangatraining, a certified baby massage instructor and baby wearing consultent. She also has a certificate in baby gymnastics.

The team of VRT found that interesting and made a short film about Kangatraining.


Babette lives in Brussels with her son and two stray rabbits.