Baby massage is an ancient art that connects you with your baby. It can help you to understand your baby´s non-verbal language. Baby massage is tailored specifically for infants (from birth to crawling age) because their muscles aren´t yet developed enough to have tension knots. It consists of a gentle but firm effleurage.

Baby massage…

  • improves sleep patterns
  • helps to relieve gas, colics and cramps
  • stimulates the hormonal and immune systems
  • reduces stress hormones

In addition it is relaxing & fun for you and your baby.

You will be the only one massaging your baby – the instructor uses a demonstration doll.

If your baby is asleep or does not want massage then don’t worry. You can either use a demonstration doll as well or just watch. There will be plenty of time when your baby is ready.

In 4 lessons of 60 minutes you will learn how to massage your baby.

You will find that 60 minutes is not too long, since your baby will need breaks, giving time for discussions and the opportunity to gain information on topics like crying, sleeping, your baby´s reflexes, oil, colics, etc…We can also fit in a bottle/breastfeed if necessary.

You don´t have to bring anything but your baby. Massage oil, thermarests and organic blankets for the babies will all be provided.

Just wear comfortable clothes that are not too warm as the room will have a baby-friendly-temperature of around 25°C.

Private lessons (single or group) are also possible on request.